Deadzone 3.0 Two Player Starter Set

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Deadzone takes place in Safe Zones - cities or entire planets that have been erased from planet maps and left to die. You control an elite team of soldiers ready to enter the potentially deadly Kill Zone and search for any lucrative resources you can find. But the competition is fierce and other strike teams will be out to thwart your mission. Get in, get out, get rich or die.


Deadzone uses an innovative dice-based movement and shooting system. Throw your tape measures in the trash because you'll never need them again! Apart from DIY of course. Models can be moved anywhere in a cube, ensuring you can make the most of cover and obstacles to avoid the enemy, and movement takes seconds instead of minutes. Shooting is the same - measure the distance in cubes and if you can see it, shoot it! Wargaming has never been this fast and cinematic.


Since the release of Deadzone: Second Edition in 2016, we've refined the rules to make them faster and clearer. The third edition includes all of the changes and improvements made in the previous Outbreak and Escalation supplements, along with a variety of other refinements. This is the Deadzone you love...only better. If you've never played before... well, you've just found your new favorite game.


We've split the rules into two books packed with art, pictures, and more. The core rulebook contains all the rules you need to play along with campaign rules and 16 (!) scenarios. In the meantime, the Force List book contains the individual profiles and stats for each faction, along with details on how to build your strike teams and a handy weapon guide... after all, you don't want to take a knife to a Polaris gunfight.


Deadzone offers 10 unique factions to choose from:

  • Asterians - aloof aliens who use incredibly advanced androids and mechs to bring balance to the galaxy... no matter what the cost
  • Enforcer - the Council of Seven's ruthless army used to quell insurrections and control the Dead Zones with extreme prejudice
  • Forgefathers - an ancient race of stoic dwarves who use their incredible engineering skills to rob a planet of its resources and let no one get in their way
  • GCPS - Each company has its own private army, which is often left to its own devices in safe zones when enemy DropShips arrive
  • Marauders – Greenskin pirates who travel the galaxy, waiting to pounce on a Death Zone and sell their wares to the highest bidder
  • Mazon Labs - a company obsessed with secret experiments that transform humans into deformed monsters that are used as horrific"field tests" in abandoned Death Zones
  • Nameless – Mankind's greatest threat may be this mysterious race of semi-aquatic aliens driven into conflict by religious fervor
  • The Purge – an insidious virus that spreads across the galaxy, turning its victims into ravening beasts with one encourage the spread of the disease
  • Rebs – Determined to fight against the seemingly tyrannical proliferation of mega-corporations, the Rebs are a hybrid of humans and aliens who fight from the shadows
  • Veer-myn – Beneath sprawling cities or hidden in the dark corners of vast space stations, the Veer-myn are giant rat-like creatures just waiting to strike to protect their nest


  • Rulebooks – Core Rulebook and Force Lists Book (softcover)
  • Starter Brochure
  • 10x GCPS Soldiers
  • 1x GCPS Hero
  • 10x Veer-Myn Nightcrawlers
  • 2x Veer Myn Nightmares
  • 1x Veer Myn Hero
  • 12 bags of Battlezones terrain, including the brand new Battlezones street accessory
  • Paper play mat
  • Backing sheet
  • 8x Command Dice
  • 8x D8

  • Game System:

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