Deadly Performance

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In the intricate ballet of power and mysticism that is the Ten Thunders faction, the harmonious cadence of "Qi and Gong" resounds. Within this delicate interplay of energy and discipline, three groups of warriors step onto the stage: the Kabuki Warriors and the Bunraku.

With a grace that mirrors the dance of the cherry blossoms in the wind, the Kabuki Warriors bring forth their martial prowess infused with the flow of Qi. Their movements are a manifestation of inner harmony, their every strike an embodiment of energy harnessed and unleashed. As they weave through the battlefield, their weapons become extensions of their very beings, a testament to their mastery of both form and force.

Within the realm of "Qi and Gong," the Bunraku are the living embodiment of both energy and discipline. Crafted with precision and care, they operate as a triad of connection, each part resonating with the others to form a harmonious whole. Through their cooperation and shared consciousness, their power grows exponentially, their abilities amplified by the combined strength of their Qi. As they move in unison, they become a force to be reckoned with, their movements fluid and precise, like notes in a symphony guided by the hand of a master conductor.

In the realm of Ten Thunders, where mysticism intertwines with combat, the "Qi and Gong" keyword serves as a bridge between the mundane and the supernatural. The Kabuki Warriors and the Bunraku, with their intricate movements and synchronized actions, embody the principles of balance and power. Each strike and step is infused with the essence of Qi, a testament to their mastery over the unseen energies that flow through all things. Together, they are a testament to the delicate equilibrium that defines the Ten Thunders faction, where the dance of energy and discipline is the key to their enigmatic strength.


  • Kabuki Warriors x2
  • Bunraku x3


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