Dead Outlaws

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In the tumultuous realm of the Outcasts, where loyalties are transient and the pursuit of survival reigns supreme, the interplay of the "Bandit" and "Tormented" keywords brings forth an assembly of figures who thrive on the edges of both the living and the afterlife. These tormented souls are united by their rugged independence and their relentless struggle against the unforgiving landscape of the faction.

At the forefront of this banditry and torment stand the Dead Outlaws, figures who embody the complex fusion of both keywords. With each step, they navigate the blurred line between life and death, embodying the spirit of rugged individualism even in the face of their torment. These souls are bound by their past and driven by a determination to survive in the very heart of chaos.

The Dead Outlaws resonate with the essence of both Bandit and Tormented themes, as they carry the weight of their past lives into a world that refuses to let them rest. They exist in a realm where survival often hinges on the ability to draw upon both earthly and ethereal skills, a balance between the ruthless cunning of the living and the haunting presence of the dead.

Together, the trio of Dead Outlaws paints a vivid portrait of the Bandit and Tormented keywords within the Outcasts' dominion. In their presence, the boundaries between life and death blur, and the spirit of rugged individualism intertwines with the relentless struggle against torment. As you navigate the unpredictable landscape of the Outcasts, be prepared to encounter figures who embody the very essence of both Bandit and Tormented – souls who defy their tormented fate with a determination that mirrors the complexity of their existence.


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