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In Dawnbringers IV: The Mad King Rises, the Saga of valor and resilience unfolds with even greater intensity. The Twin-Tailed Crusade, now scarred from their relentless battles throughout the realms of Aqshy and Ghyran, presses forward despite their exhaustion and the looming shadow of defeat. As they traverse these mystical lands, their spirit remains unbroken, but a new and sinister challenge awaits.

The Mortarch of Delusion, a cunning and malevolent force, has laid a trap for the Crusade in New Summercourt. Here, in the deceptive tranquility of this realm, the Fang of Nulahmia, known as Sekhar, orchestrates a complex conspiracy designed to ensnare the Dawnbringers. This web of deceit and manipulation poses a threat unlike any they have faced before, testing their resolve and camaraderie to its limits.

Dawnbringers IV: The Mad King Rises enriches the epic with the introduction of Ushoran and Sekhar, alongside a formidable Army of Renown. This new force, with a pronounced emphasis on the formidable bloodsuckers, brings a dark twist to the battlefield, promising a clash filled with intrigue and bloodshed. Additionally, the book features a regiment of renown for each of Nagash’s six mortarchs, elevating the stakes of the conflict.

The journey also advances with the next chapter of the Cities of Sigmar Path to Glory Battlepack, offering players new challenges and opportunities to shape the fate of their armies. The revered Triumph and Treachery mode makes a much-anticipated return, inviting players to navigate the treacherous waters of alliances and betrayals.

Dawnbringers IV: The Mad King Rises is not just a continuation of a story; it is an invitation to a realm where the lines between loyalty, ambition, and survival blur. As the Dawnbringers face the machinations of the Mortarch of Delusion, they must find strength in unity and the unyielding courage that has defined their journey. Prepare for a tale of epic proportions, where every decision can tip the scales between light and Darkness.


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