Dawn of Mankind engl.

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You are the driving spirit behind an early nomadic human tribe, watching them accomplish great things as they grow up and travel across the land. Guide them well and they will thrive, grow in number, and  produce artwork. Guide them poorly and they will take too long learning how to do simple tasks, and their options will be more limited. As your clan progresses through ordeals, you will have tough decisions to make. Manage your tribe best to win. Dawn of Mankind is a beautiful quick-tolearn worker placement game that plays in about an hour. 

• 3 Inventory Mats
• 40 Clan Meeples
• 1 Game Board
• 5 Reference Cards
• 84 Victory Point Tokens
• 19 Action Tiles
• 8 Art Cards
• 44 Progress Cards
• 20 Resource Markers
• 5 Setup Cards
• 1 Rulebook

Brettspiel System: Sonstige
Sprache: Englisch

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