Daughters of Khaine Witch Elves

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Witch Aelves

Witch-Aelves are the public face and are often seen as the heart and soul of the covens and sects of the Daughters of Khaine faction.

All are fanatical devotees of the god Khaine, and his worship takes up much of their lives. They practice with weapons where other cults pray, duel instead of reading or copying sacred books, and of course fighting. Warfare is often viewed as the purest form of worshiping their god, allowing them to enter a state of holy rapture as they commune with the deity.

When not fighting, they are often described as cold or at least aloof, a contrast to the pugnacity that overcomes them in battle as they leap and pirouette through the carnage. When led by a priestess of their order, a unit can quickly lose all composure as it tears the heart of living enemies who feast on the spilled blood - this can be quite disconcerting for any allies who have accompanied them to war be .

In the Age of Sigmar, gladiatorial spectacles take place in many cities, where witch-elves demonstrate their faith and devotion to the free peoples of the Mortal Realms. Truly exceptional witch-elves can enjoy the honor of becoming a Sister of Slaughter if they can survive the painful transformation.

A few become soulbound, dismissed from their temple by the High Oracle himself, who declares that they should use their newfound freedom to advance the faith, but often find themselves dispatched to a place that will very likely kill them. Witch-elves favor the scians? - a long, razor-sharp dagger used either in pairs or with a sharp-edged buckler.

The kit contains

  • 2x 6 different heads
  • 2 Banners
  • a horn

The Witch Aelves come as 67 components, and are supplied with 10 25mm round bases and a banner transfer sheet. The kit can optionally be used to build 10 Sisters of Slaughter.


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