Datacards Chaos Space Marines english

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This pack contains 121 data cards divided as follows:

  • 31 Chaos Space Marines skirmish Maps
  • 8x Black Legion Stratagem Data Cards
  • 8x Word Bearers Stratagem data Cards
  • 8x Night Lords Stratagem Data Cards
  • 8x Iron Warriors Stratagem data cards
  • 8x Alpha Legion Stratagem datacards
  • 8x Emperor's Children Stratagem data cards
  • 4x Bile Stratagem data card creations
  • 4x Red Corsair Stratagem data Cards
  • 9x Dark Hereticus discipline psychic power data Cards
  • 6x Malefic Discipline Psychic Power Data Cards
  • 1x Smite Psychic Power Datacard
  • 11x Prayers to the Dark Gods data Cards
  • 7x Core Stratagem data cards

You need a copy of the Warhammer 40,000 Codex and Codex: Chaos Space Marines to take full advantage of these Maps.


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