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Data cards make it easy to look up your rules during battle. Containing Stratagems and psychic powers for quick reference, they're ideal for making sure you don't forget important rules when you need them most.

This pack contains 50 data cards divided as follows:

  • 32x Datacards with Chaos Knights Stratagems
  • 9x Datacards with Dread House Association specific Stratagems (House Herpetrax, House Lucaris, House Khymere, House Vextrix, House Khomentis, House Korvax)
  • 6x psychic power datacards for the Warp Storm discipline
  • 1x Psychic Power Datacard for the Smash Psychic Power
  • 5x datacards for basic Stratagems

You need a copy of the Warhammer 40.000 rulebook and Codex: Chaos Knights to fully utilize these Cards.


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