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Step into the heart of Guild operations with this formidable set, embodying the strength and order of the Guard keyword. These figures are united by their dedication to maintaining law and order, creating an unyielding force on the tabletop.

At the forefront of this ensemble is Dashel, a seasoned commander who exudes leadership and tactical acumen. His ability to rally and inspire his forces makes him a central figure in orchestrating the controlled might of the Guild.

A figure of authority and discipline, Taggart Queeg embodies the Guard keyword with his unwavering commitment to maintaining the peace. His unique abilities bring a sense of control and structure to the battlefield, making opponents think twice before challenging the Guild's rule.

This skilled operative brings a combination of strategy and precision to the set. With the ability to manipulate the positioning of friendly forces, The Dispatcher adds a layer of tactical depth to your gameplay, ensuring your Guard remain positioned strategically.

These three riflemen round out the set, representing the backbone of the Guard forces. With their sharpshooting skills and unwavering loyalty, they provide reliable ranged support and contribute to the disciplined frontlines.

With the Guard keyword as their rallying cry, this ensemble embodies the Guild's commitment to maintaining control and order in the face of chaos. Whether it's through tactical prowess, strategic positioning, or disciplined firepower, these figures work in harmony to uphold the Guild's values. Lead with authority, instill discipline, and embrace the power of the Guard as you command this steadfast force to victory.


  • Dashel
  • Taggart Queeg
  • The Dispatcher
  • Riflemen x3


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