Dark Souls The Roleplaying Game - engl.

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The Dark Souls RPG Corebook is a tabletop role-playing game based on the critically acclaimed video game series. The corebook allows players to enter the world of Dark Souls and create their own stories of survival and triumph in a land filled with danger and despair.

This corebook provides players with a detailed and immersive world, complete with rich lore, iconic locations, and fearsome creatures. The game's mechanics are designed to evoke the same challenging gameplay and sense of risk that is a hallmark of the Dark Souls franchise, where players will need to strategize, learn from their mistakes, and fight to survive.

The Dark Souls RPG Corebook is a comprehensive guide that includes everything a player needs to create their own unique character and explore the world of Lordran, including character creation rules, combat mechanics, spells, and a bestiary of the game's iconic enemies. The book also provides Game Masters with tools and resources to create their own adventures and campaigns, including maps, encounter tables, and story hooks.

With its faithful adaptation of the iconic Dark Souls universe, challenging gameplay mechanics, and detailed world-building, the Dark Souls RPG Corebook is an essential addition to any fan's collection and a must-have for tabletop role-playing game enthusiasts looking for a thrilling and immersive experience.


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