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Dark Prophet Statue 1 - A Sinister Presence in Your Tabletop Realm

Delve into the shadows with the "Dark Prophet Statue 1" from Kutami! This set contains one high-quality resin miniature of the Dark Prophet Statue, featuring a main body, head, backpack, sword, and chaos icon. When assembled, the statue stands at an impressive height of 73mm from base to top. The set is supplied unassembled and unpainted, ready for you to unleash your creativity upon it.

The "Dark Prophet Statue 1" is a masterpiece sculpted by the talented Robert Kurek. Its dark and foreboding presence will instill fear and awe on your tabletop battlefield. With its intricate details and carefully crafted components, the statue embodies the essence of chaos and darkness in the 28mm heroic scale.

Please note that the Kromlech and Tabletop Scenics products seen in the pictures are not included in this set and are sold separately.

Whether you place it as a centerpiece in a diorama, a focal point on your gaming table, or as part of a chaotic shrine, the Dark Prophet Statue will command attention and add a sinister atmosphere to your games. Its design is perfect for depicting sinister champions, twisted sorcerers, or malevolent leaders of your dark armies.

Order the "Dark Prophet Statue 1" today and embrace the darkness that awaits. Let your imagination run wild as you paint and assemble this captivating miniature, bringing forth a harbinger of chaos and terror to your tabletop realm.


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