Daemons of Khorne Flesh Hounds

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A Flesh Hound of Khorne is a powerful and bloodthirsty demonic beast in the service of the blood god Khorne.

Flesh Hounds are found by the hundreds and thousands in the bone-strewn plains surrounding Khorne's reign in the Realm of Chaos. Fleshhounds are large wolf-like beasts that hunt and destroy the Blood God's enemies. When possible, they are often unleashed into realspace in pursuit of those deserving of Khorne's Wrath.

Flesh Hounds are relentless on the hunt, pursuing their target over long - even interstellar - distances. Their howls, constantly approaching, often drive their target insane before the hound's own razor-sharp teeth sink into flesh.

What remains of their victims, particularly their skulls, are returned to their unholy master to add to the myriad others that make up his massive throne.

The jabbering tales of madmen exposed to the warp's unguarded horrors speak of the blood-red hounds of Khorne, whose howls of rage haunt their sleep and the memory of them haunts every waking moment. The barking of the hounds makes the heart tremble and spreads icy tendrils of fear in the souls of mortals.

With crimson frames distorted, these beasts stalk across the warp and twisted lands of reality, stalking their prey's terror trail, fueled by the insatiable bloodlust of their kind. They are the Flesh Hounds, the assault beasts of Khorne, and they were created to endure endless cowards , to hunt down traitors and other fools who have dared to insult the blood god.

This kit contains everything you need to build five Flesh Hounds. Each is armed with blood-dark claws and wears a collar of Khorne.

The set comes as 20 plastic components and is supplied with 5 x 60mm oval bases.


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