Daemons of Khorne Bloodthirster

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Khorne Bloodthirster

"Khorne, we beg you. We offer you our heart and soul! Send your faithful servants the means of redeeming this world!”

        — Last words of the Venerable Lhorgh

A Bloodthirster is the Greater Daemon of Khorne, and each is a manifestation of the unreasonable fury and ferocity of all-out war.

It is said that in all the galaxy there are no masters of battle more powerful than the Great Demons of the Blood God, and none must face them. They are the essence of brutality, every blow ever struck and every life ever taken enraged distilled into a single, towering form of iron and sinew.

A living embodiment of war, fury and murder, Bloodthirsters represent the bloodiest side of warfare and are considered the greatest warriors among the demons. Only the boldest and most heroic mortal champions would have even the slightest chance of surviving and even less of a chance of victory in a fight with a Bloodthirster. It seems that Bloodthirsters are the embodiment of fear and terror long expressed in the ancient Terran legends of demons that hungered for the souls of mankind.

Most of these creatures are nearly ten meters tall, while the mightiest of their kind are the size of a Scout Titan. Her skin is crimson with caked blood. Their blood-stained pelts are covered in crimson fur the color of spilled blood, and their eyes are milky white with no visible iris or pupil. Their feet are cleft and the ground burns as they pass. Their bodies are incredibly muscular and covered in iron barbs. Two gigantic, membranous, bat-like wings sprout from their backs, allowing them to soar above the battlefield before plunging into the wildest and bloodiest of battlefields and striking at will.

Most hideous of all are their faces, which are bestial, almost canine-like, the visage of Khorne's most beloved creature in the universe. Their snarling maws are filled with fangs the size of mortal swords. Bloodthirsters wear ancient ornate armor. Parts of their armor are adorned with the glowing skull mark of Khorne as a sign of his blessing. The palette of this armor is reddish-bronze or iron-black, upon which the glowing red runes of Khorne are armed against the most fearsome psychic attacks, a fact that strikes utter terror in the hearts of the most accomplished combat psyker.

A Bloodthirster's armor also guards against the ranged weapons of the figs, which would dare strike them down from afar rather than engage in righteous melee combat.

In addition to their razor-sharp claws, the Great Demons of Khorne are known to wield two primary weapons that epitomize murder. The first is a mighty demonic battle-axe, Khorne's iconic weapon, forged in the heat of the Lord of War's fury and imbued with the essence of captured greater demons.

The information
The Bloodthirster of Unfettered Fury is armed with an ax - a double-headed version with two different-sized blades - and a long whip. As with the other Bloodthirsters, this variant has a special head; the cruellest skulllike of the three.

Whichever variant you choose, the model is fully imbued with Khorne iconography, from the weapons to the paired wings and armor details. There is a choice of two pairs of legs, either walking or leaping on flames. There are three different torso fronts, two designs of belly plates, two different loincloths and the option to add armor plates to the legs and torso should you wish. All in all, this model is an absolute monster in the truest sense of the word.

The Khorne Bloodthirster comes as 80 components and is supplied with a 120mm x 92mm Citadel base.

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Super Maxi :)
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Riesige Miniatur, sieht einfach mega aus :)

Edwin S., 21.01.2022 Verified purchase
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Optimaler Bausatz. Einfach zu bauen, sieht super aus.

Georg W., 15.10.2022 Verified purchase
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