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The grand prize at the end of the Path to Glory is to be transformed and gain immortality by becoming a Demon Prince. This kit is a veritable banquet of options, including a range of heads with one for each of the Chaos Gods, a selection of weapons and more. It even goes beyond game systems, with loadout options to use this unholy champion in games of Warhammer 40,000.

This multi-part plastic kit builds one Daemon Prince - an ascended champion of chaos for use in games of Warhammer Age of Sigmar or Warhammer 40,000. This powerful model can be built in many different ways to suit your chosen environment, Chaos God, and style. The kit comes with a choice of clawed or hoofed legs perched on either a cracked rock or a pile of rocks and skulls - each with similar pauldrons and bracer-clad forearms.

The Demon Prince can be armed with a light-forged sword, a demonic axe, or a pair of vicious claws, with a choice of arm poses. Two wings sprout from its back, a grisly trophy stand, or a damaged Heretic Astartes powerhouse. The kit also includes six different heads - one for each of the Chaos Gods and two for Chaos Undivided - with an array of trophies, chaotic sigils and tail tips to truly dedicate your creation to the Ruinous Powers.

This kit comes as 112 plastic components, and is supplied with a Citadel 60mm Round base. This miniature is supplied unpainted and requires assembly - we recommend using Citadel Plastic Glue and Citadel Paints.

Demon prince background

With a mighty cry he rose, brighter than the sun and fiercer. In his hand he held a staff of twisted bone, crossed and double crossed to form his dark lord's mark, a symbol of his power and fruit of mortal desires well fulfilled. He rose above the company, much taller than them, and looked upon them, his frightened slaves, with black pride. He growled and heard the sound of noble hatred echoing from the sky. He glared at the wild gaze of immortal rage and death was in his gaze. And upon that accursed hearth burned his ashen servants, awed by fear and awe in equal measure as they saw their lord transformed into that mightiest of creatures that mortals call a demon prince.

A Demon Prince is a former mortal servant of the Chaos Gods who was raised to the rank of demon while alive as a reward for his exceptional service to his divine patron. Demon Princes are among the greatest and most powerful minions of Chaos.

Demon Princes are those mortals who have followed Chaos with a deep and fervent faith, putting their heart and soul into the service of the Dark Gods. They know there is great prize for those who show unwavering devotion. Should a Chaos champion survive the endless battles and devastating mutations bestowed upon them by their masters, while still finding favor in the eyes of their fickle gods, they may receive the ultimate reward. The champion's divine patron will raise him to his side as the demon prince, a being of godlike power forever bound to the darkness and will of his patron god.

Despite the fact that they were not born demons, those Chaos Champions who attain demon prince status attain immortality and become enemies of all that is true and natural in the mortal world. Ultimately, all who tread the path of Chaos seek that apotheosis, that glorious moment of metamorphosis in which they shed their mortal coil and become a being of immortal darkness. But for every Chaos champion that raises his horned head and roars his triumph as a newborn demon prince, untold thousands die on the battlefield or end their lives as wailing spawn of Chaos.

At the moment of a Chaos champion's transformation, bat-like wings, or powerful feathered wings, sprout from their back and carry them aloft to rule both heaven and earth. Other demon princes might soar on crackling pillars of flame, arms outstretched as they shout praises to their blasphemous gods. Some are bestowed with an ethereal beauty or infernal rot that can freeze a man in place when the demon prince descends from heaven to feed. There are even those with the ability to reshape reality itself, as adept at manipulating the winds of magic as the most powerful Chaos Wizards.


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