DOGS Dice Set: Luna

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The design of the DOGS Dice Set: Luna is nothing short of enchanting. Against a midnight black background, delicate copper paintings intertwine with sparkling violet glitter dust, capturing the essence of dogs and their late-night adventures. Each roll of these dice feels like a howling tribute to the connection we share with our four-legged companions.

But there's more to these dice than meets the eye. On the highest faces of each die, you'll find adorable dogs frozen in various playful poses. It's as if they're joining your gaming table, adding a dash of enthusiasm to every roll.

But that's not all - hidden amidst the numbers, you'll discover images of tennis balls, chew bones, sticks, old shoes, and paw prints. These playful additions make the DOGS Dice Set: Luna the perfect companions for any dog lover, whether you're playing a tabletop RPG or just rolling the dice for fun.

With the DOGS Dice Set: Luna, you're not just rolling dice; you're experiencing the excitement of a howling good time. Celebrate the incredible bond between humans and dogs as you embark on unforgettable adventures with these unique dice.

Here's what you'll get with the DOGS Dice Set: Luna:

  • Loads of fun: The set includes 7 dice items, covering all your gaming needs - D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20, and D100.
  • A howling pup: The color scheme features a black background with violet glitter dust and charming copper paintings.
  • Doggies at it: Each die showcases dogs in various poses, ensuring every roll is a delightful surprise.
  • Favorite toys: Alongside the digits, you'll discover images of tennis balls, chew bones, sticks, old shoes, and paw prints - all cherished items for our furry friends.
  • The waggling license: It's worth noting that the DOGS Dice Set was created under a license granted by a temporarily unspecified company. Our legal documents met an unfortunate fate at the paws of an adorable puppy who decided to chew the only copy.

Embrace the spirit of a Twilight Bark and get your paws on the DOGS Dice Set: Luna. Let these dice bring joy and excitement to your gaming sessions and celebrate the beautiful bond between humans and dogs in every roll.


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