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Embark on a journey into the heart of the "Outcasts" faction, where the spirit of unity and ingenuity defines the crew's pursuits. This assembly introduces models that embody the essence of the Freikorps, a group of innovative engineers and resilient individuals who contribute their skills to the faction. Bound by the keyword "Freikorps," these characters symbolize the cooperative spirit and resourcefulness that define the crew.

Contained within this offering are:

  • Lazarus: An entity that mirrors the essence of the "Freikorps" keyword, Lazarus embodies the resourcefulness, innovation, and ingenuity that define the Freikorps within the Outcasts faction. As you prepare and assemble the model, you contribute to the legacy of cooperative spirit and ingenuity that shapes the narrative of the crew.

  • Freikorps Engineers x2: A pair of entities that reflect the cooperative and innovative spirit of the "Freikorps" keyword, the Freikorps Engineers embody the power of skilled engineering and the collaborative roles within the crew. With every detail meticulously captured, the Freikorps Engineers stand as a testament to the resourcefulness and ingenuity of the Outcasts.

Step into the universe of Malifaux with models that embody the spirit of cooperation, innovation, and resourcefulness. The "Freikorps" keyword guides your path on the tabletop, where every action and decision reflects the crew's pursuit of unity and the ingenious nature of the Outcasts.


  • Lazarus
  • Freikorps Engineers x2


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