C'tan Shard of the Void Dragon

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C'tan Shard of the Void Dragon

This 33-part plastic kit lets you build one C'tan Fragment of the Dragon. It is supplied with a Citadel 80mm Round base.

Mag'ladroth is called "The Void Dragon" in Eldar mythology, depicting him as a figure of oblivion, wanton destruction and devastation. It was a master of the material realm and its warriors were virtually invincible. As he eats stars, he takes the form of a cloud of dark light. In Eldar mythology, the Void Dragon was defeated when the talismans of Vaul clustered around his neck emanated a light that revealed his secret weakness. He was defeated by the Necrons and shattered into pieces.

After gaining respite from forging the Iron Knights, the Eldar god of smiths, Vaul, created the Talismans of Vaul (the Blackstone Fortresses as they are known throughout the Empire). These, too, were powered by the souls of the Eldar Scryers and used by Vaul to attack the Void Dragon directly. Here ends the Eldar legend, and there is little evidence of the outcome other than Inquisitor Horst's opinion that the attack had failed

At the end of the great war, the dragon created warp suppression pylons and the Necrons spread a network of them to key locations in the galaxy. The purpose of these devices was to block the source of the ancients' psychic power and create an unbreakable barrier between the warp and real space. However, this project was interrupted and the mechanisms were never completed. Eventually, the Void Dragon was shattered into pieces and imprisoned by the Necrons as the Silent King led his revolt against the C'tan.

The Void Dragon is the most technically advanced C'tan capable of harnessing the raw power of unrefined Blackstone. It unleashes this power as energy within their Necrodermis bodies, creating an ever-changing, digitally pixelated appearance of their physical forms - as if they exist in some kind of quantum state between realities.


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