Crystal Mine Basing Kit 2

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Embarking on adventures often leads intrepid characters into the eerie confines of dark mine shafts. Whether set in ancient times or the modern era, these subterranean labyrinths hold the promise of untold riches and forgotten relics waiting to be unearthed.

Yet, amidst the gleaming veins of precious minerals and glittering gems, a palpable sense of foreboding lingers. Deep within the shadows of the mines, whispers of long-forgotten tragedies and chilling legends echo off the walls. It takes true courage to confront the mysteries concealed within the depths, for not all that glimmers is gold.

Are you prepared to confront the darkness that dwells within? Will you steel your resolve against the unknown horrors lurking in the shadows, or will fear consume your bravery? The mines await your exploration, but be warned: the treasures they hold may come at a harrowing cost.

Only those with the courage to face the chilling truths concealed in the depths will emerge victorious from the depths of the mines.

This kit contains 11 resin elements (including some multipart models)! You can use them to decorate the miniature bases or as diorama elements. Ideal for use with 28mm - 32mm scale models.

In this set you get:

  • 2 mining carts (multi-part models)
  • mine wooden stamps
  • 2 small wooden barrels
  • a large wooden barrel
  • oil lamp
  • 2 straight sections of track
  • 2 track turn sections

Products from HQ Resin fit for most popular miniature games and are suitable for various fantasy, historical and modern games and dioramas. Elements supplied unpainted and may require assembly.


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