Crypt Infernal Courtier

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Crypt Infernal are Crypt Flayers of the Mortal Realms who have risen to become leaders of their packs at the Flesh-Eater Courts.

Crypt Infernals are therefore classified as mordants and are regarded as the noblest of their cannibal kin. Bigger and stronger than the rest, they lead as shining examples from the front ranks. In his own imagination, drawn from the madness of the Flesh-Eater Courts, however, a Crypt Infernal is the champion of his king's Pegasus Riders, fighting from the back of his winged steed with a gleaming silver blade.

Crypt Infernal Courtiers are Courtiers of the Crypt Flayers who have committed a heroic deed deemed worthy of reward by the King. At the banquet, he is allowed to dine on the flesh of an undead dragon, giving him the ability to emit poisonous fumes. As the Marrowbone Lord, you lead the death watch, the bodyguard of the Abhorrant Ghoul King. When the Abhorrant Ghoul King goes to war on his Zombie Dragon or Terrorgheist, the Crypt Infernal Courtiers fly at his side to attract his attention, summoning their kin to launch daring attacks against the enemy.


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