Crypt Ghast Courtier

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Crypt Ghast Courtiers are Mordants of the Flesh-Eater Courts who are more powerful and intelligent than their Mordant brothers and sisters, having been empowered by the vampire blood of their liege lords, making them capable field commanders. They are constantly jostling for position and trying to get their king's attention. In their eyes they are noble heroes in shining armor who proudly lead their soldiers to war.

Most Crypt Ghast Courtiers were indeed great heroes, sorcerers and sages, but have fallen into despair and cannibalism at the hands of their king's madness. They retain small traces of their old personality, which often defines their role at court. Crypt Ghast Courtiers have titles such as Baron Gizzard commanding the Ghoul Patrol while Marquis Retchbile commands the King's Ghouls.


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