Crypt Flayers

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Crypt Flayers haunt the night, dark shadows against a moonless sky while their keen eyes seek out enemies of the court. With grasping claws, they tear hapless victims from their feet, sinking their fangs into their captives as they soar back to the skies, leaving nothing but spilled blood in their wake. When the blood of monsters spills freely onto the feast table, an Abhorrant Ghoul King can bestow a terrifying transformation on his minions. In these cruel nights the Crypt Flayers are born. As the king's blood mixes with a mixture of Terrorgheist flesh and necromantic liquids, ghouls are transformed into new and horrific forms, until they emerge like monstrous moths into the world.

At that moment, when the enchantments placed on their meal by the abominable king are in full effect, they transform into dark predators. Crypt Flayers grow huge and twisted like Crypt Horrors, and gain the added nightmare growth of leathery wings. Their claws lengthen, spikes erupt from their backs, and their eyes glow brighter to pierce the dust and gloom of battle. No longer bound to the earth, they take to the skies as airborne scouts and warriors for the court. Crypt Flayers are savage killers who circle the air above the domain of Flesheater Court, sniffing the wind for juicy hunting grounds.

Crypt flayers are viewed with awe and admiration by their biting kin. It is considered a good omen to see one or more of these winged creatures circling above an expedition, and their shrill screams in the darkness fill any ghoul with pride in being in their king's court. The Crypt Flayers themselves believe themselves to be warriors, borne aloft on enchanted wings thanks to the boon of their sovereign. The noblest among them are the Crypt Infernals - larger and stronger than the others, they lead as shining examples from the front to their "men".

Whether seen through the lens of madness or in all their rotting glory, no one who has encountered them can doubt that Crypt Flayers are brutally efficient in combat. Like harpoons of sharpened bone, they shoot down from the sky, slicing through warriors and lifting them off the ground even as their prey dies screaming in a gout of blood. Returning to the skies, the pack battles among themselves for the biggest trophy from the kill.

Crypt Flayers are darkly blessed by the tainted Terrorgheist meat they ingested. Within its chest resides a measure of the undead beast's ability to let out a mind-wrenching scream. They opened their mouths impossibly wide and let out a chorus of freezing howls, as if the gates to a dozen underworlds had been flung open at once. Victims feel their blood turn to ice in their veins and terror grips their hearts as the sonic attack descends on them. The Crypt Flayers then descend to search the resulting corpse field in search of the choicest trophies to bring back to their king.

This multi-part plastic kit contains the components necessary to assemble three Crypt Flayers, flying scouts and savage warriors of the Flesh-eater Courts. 62 components in total, supplied with three Citadel 50mm Round bases.


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