Crimson Hunter

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The Crimson Hunters are among the most unusual aspect warriors of the Asuryani. Neither a blade nor a sidearm, their ritualistic equipment is a sleek dogfight that represents the pinnacle of Aeldari aviation.

These formidable aircraft, known as the Nightshade Interceptors, are also part of the Crimson Hunter's weaponry, as is the Howling Banshees' power sword or the Dire Avengers' shuriken catapult. However, their lethality is measured on an entirely different scale.

The Crimson Hunters are few in number, although their Aspect Shrines are becoming more common among the Asuryani craft worlds. These temples to Khaela Mensha Khaine, the Aeldari god of war, are unique.

They are not buildings or landscapes at all, but tunnel-connected clusters of transparent atriums that float around the periphery of their crafting worlds like archipelagos on the edge of a vast landmass.

In these areas of the captured sky, the Crimson Hunters duel their weapons of choice, the Bright Lances and Pulse Lasers that adorn the curved torso of each Interceptor.

During the breakneck battles that take place within these shrines, the Crimson Hunters' weapons will flare rather than pierce, for the Nightshade Interceptor has been specially designed to hunt down and destroy aircraft of all kinds - even those of the Drukhari.

A single beam of light can mean the difference between victory and defeat, although it is said that a Crimson Hunter's reflexes are so preternaturally sharp that they can even dodge them.

By training nightly against their own kind - essentially the most skilled fighter pilots in the galaxy - the proud warriors of the Crimson Hunters ensure that destroying the planes of the "lesser races" is a simple exercise that proves their inherent superiority over the languid wannabes -Pilots who pollute the sky of the universe.

The Crimson Hunters embody the war god Khaine's ability to stagger a mightier enemy and prepare them for slaughter.

The Crimson Hunters are also known for their special worship of the Aeldari god Kurnous, the god of the hunt, and they sometimes refer to themselves as the "Hawks of Kurnous".

They soar through the air in a haze of color, chasing down and destroying enemy aircraft, ensuring total air superiority for the Craftworld Aeldari, leaving the clumsy bulk of the enemy army blinded and unresponsive.

Once the Crimson Hunter's well-aimed strikes ensure the enemy army is ripe for destruction, the barbarian horde is dismembered by the rest of the Asuryani warhost at will.

This multi-part plastic kit contains 61 components with which to make either a Crimson Hunter or a Hemlock Wraithfighter. With two of these sets you can also acquire both deadly variants.


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