Creative Taxidermy

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Within the whimsical and unpredictable realm of the Bayou, where the eccentric and the bizarre intertwine, the "Wizz-Bang" keyword reveals an ensemble of figures that embody the inventive and unconventional nature of the faction. These characters navigate the Bayou's quirky and ever-shifting landscape with an air of ingenuity and a touch of madcap energy that defines the very essence of the faction.

At the forefront of this imaginative gathering stand two Taxidermists, figures that epitomize the Wizz-Bang keyword. With their eccentric creations and unconventional approach, the Taxidermists embody the Bayou's spirit of inventiveness and the penchant for unconventional solutions. Their ability to create peculiar constructs and harness the bizarre speaks to the inventive and unconventional nature of the faction.

Beside them are six Stuffed Piglets, figures that complement the Wizz-Bang keyword's theme of whimsy and imaginative creations. These characters thrive in the Bayou's unconventional and ever-shifting dominion, embodying the spirit of curious antics and unpredictable energies that characterize the Wizz-Bang theme.

Together, the Taxidermists and Stuffed Piglets paint a vivid portrait of the Wizz-Bang keyword within the faction's inventive dominion. In their presence, the boundaries between eccentricity and imaginative energy blur, and the spirit of unconventional creations and madcap endeavors thrives. As you navigate the intricate and ever-changing landscape of the Bayou, be prepared to encounter figures that embody the essence of Wizz-Bang – characters that bring inventive constructs and eccentric energies to the forefront, mirroring the very heart of the faction's imaginative and unpredictable world.


  • 2 Taxidermists
  • 6 Stuffed Piglets

  • Malifaux Faction: Bayou
  • Material: Plastic
  • Game System:
  • Language: English

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