Discover the diverse selection of tabletop tools on and equip yourself with everything you need for your tabletop hobby. Whether you're just starting out in the world of miniatures or you're already a seasoned player, our carefully curated selection of tools and accessories will help you prepare and care for your figures and game materials in the best possible way. Be inspired by our different subcategories:

  • 1.Files & Abrasives: Process your miniatures and remove burrs, residual castings or imperfections with our range of files and abrasives. Here you will find files in various shapes and grits, sandpaper and sponges that will help you prepare your figures perfectly for painting.
  • 2.Hobby Pliers & Scissors: Our selection of hobby pliers and scissors allows you to precisely separate your miniatures from their sprues, trim parts or process wire and chain for your projects. Whether side cutters, flat-nosed pliers or precision scissors, find the right tool for your requirements.
  • 3.Brush Cleaners & Holders: Ensure the longevity of your brushes with our brush cleaners and holders. Here you will find cleaning liquids and soaps that gently and effectively remove paint residues, as well as practical brush holders that keep your brushes in shape and prevent the bristles from bending.
  • 4.Glue & Accessories: In this category we offer you a selection of glues and accessories that are perfectly tailored to the needs of tabletop gamers. Whether superglue, plastic glue or modeling clay - here you will find everything you need to professionally assemble your miniatures and make individual adjustments.
  • 5.Knives & Blades: Precision and care are of the utmost importance in the tabletop hobby. Our selection of knives and blades gives you the opportunity to precisely cut and edit your miniatures and game materials. Choose from scalpels, craft knives and spare blades to craft your tabletop project at the highest level.
  • 6.Measurement Tools & Rulers: Accurate measurements are essential for a successful tabletop project. Our measuring tools and rulers will help you accurately measure distances, cut pieces and finish your work at the highest level. Discover our range of measuring tapes, rulers and protractors that are indispensable for your tabletop projects.
  • 7. Drills & Tool Holders: Expand your miniature machining capabilities with our drills and tool holders. Here you will find hand drills, drill sets and matching holders that allow you to drill precise holes in your miniatures or insert pins for additional stability.
  • 8.Modeling tools: Let your creativity run free and customize your miniatures with our modeling tools. Whether you want to add fine details, create textures, or make complete remodels, our range of spatulas, scrapers, and other modeling tools give you the flexibility and precision you need.

Our tabletop tools category is designed to give you everything you need for your tabletop hobby. Whether you focus on painting and designing miniatures or creating complex dioramas and game boards, you will find the right tool for your projects at Invest in quality and reliable tools that will make your job easier and help you bring your tabletop world to life.

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