Cracked Stone Layer for 60 mm Base

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Cracked Stone Layer for 60mm Base NEW!

The "Cracked Stone Layer for 60mm Base" set includes a single-piece cracked stone layer made of high-quality resin, specifically designed for 60mm Bases. The cracked stone layer adds an impressive look to your base, as if it is made of cracked stone.

To use the cracked stone layer, simply glue it onto the 60mm base, thoroughly clean it, and paint it to your liking. The high-quality resin material allows for precise and detailed sculpting, enabling you to create realistic cracks and textures on your base.

This piece is versatile and compatible with Bases of all shapes. Whether you have a round, oval, or rectangular base, the cracked stone layer can be easily adjusted to fit perfectly.

Add an impressive and realistic touch to your miniatures and models with the Cracked Stone Layer for 60mm Bases. Let your figures stand on a base that resembles real cracked stone, elevating your gaming or modeling projects to the next level.

Please note that the Cracked Stone Layer is delivered unpainted and will require cleaning and painting to achieve the desired end result.


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