Coven Throne

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Coven Thrones are gold-plated, bone-framed sedans that carry a vampire queen, an ancient soulblight vampire and their pale maids into battle.

Accustomed to luxury, a queen of her kind seldom stomps through the mud of a battlefield, but instead leans back on her gilded throne as her army tears her enemies apart. As they glide forward, their maids can use the scouting pool filled with the blood of a virgin to see into the future. This perception, along with the vantage point above the battlefield, gives the Queen tactical insights into how to assess, disrupt, and exploit enemy plans.

A vampire queen is never unarmed and can use her predatory bite and stiletto while her maids have pin-sharp ponies. She can also use her blood kiss to create Vampire Lord when she kills one of her enemies. The Spectral Host, the deceased ghosts of those killed by this monarch of the night who carries the throne, can dismember their enemies with Ethereal weapons.


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