Corpse Maker - Nurgle Shoulder Pads 01

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This comprehensive set features 10 shoulder pads, allowing you to fashion your own Nurgle-infested Space Marines by combining them with additional components from DakkaDakka Store designs. Moreover, it provides ample opportunity for conversion and customization, enabling you to sculpt grotesque and monstrous warriors that embody the vile essence of Nurgle's Rot.

Crafted from resilient ABS-like resin using state-of-the-art 3D printing technology, these bits exhibit exceptional flexibility and durability, ensuring resilience against accidental breakage. Tailored for 28/32 mm scale miniatures, they seamlessly integrate into your favorite wargames and board games, unleashing a tide of contagion upon your adversaries.

Elevate your hobby to new heights with these versatile Warhammer 40k bits, infusing a contagion of creativity into your sci-fi Battle Force as you summon forth the putrid legions of Nurgle. Delivered unpainted and encased in their print matrix with easily removable mounts, these 3D printed pieces await your artistic touch. Remember to stock up on our modeling glue, various types of scissors, and Hobby Knife to craft your foul creations with precision and mastery.

Revitalize your battlefield with our selection of premium Nurgle-themed Warhammer bits. Unleash the foul blessings of Grandfather Nurgle and transform your collection into a festering realm of decay and despair!


  • 10 x Ambivalent Corpse Maker Shoulder Pads


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