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In The Last Cyclade, players will take on the role of adventurers embarking on a perilous journey to uncover the truth behind the ghost ship Zafirah. With the horizon in turmoil and the Coriolis Council and Zenithian authority being questioned, the players will face countless dangers and obstacles as they navigate the treacherous political landscape.

As they venture deep into the heart of the Third Horizon, the players will uncover dark secrets and ancient mysteries, piecing together clues that lead them closer to the truth behind the disappearance of the Zafirah and the events that led to its return. But the journey will not be easy, as they face formidable foes and unexpected challenges along the way.

The Last Cyclade is a thrilling adventure that takes players on an unforgettable journey through the twisted and dangerous landscape of the Third Horizon. With richly detailed settings, intriguing characters, and pulse-pounding action, this campaign is sure to captivate and challenge even the most seasoned gamers. Will the players be able to uncover the truth behind the Zafirah and unravel the mysteries of the Third Horizon before it's too late? Only time will tell.


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