Core Space Utility Dashboards

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This booster for Core Space upgrades your Traders with powerful new "wearable" equipment -- from bandoliers to backpacks, automated weaponry to exo-skeletons, all represented by two new mini dashboards that clip on to the side of the standard Trader Dashboard.

There are two of each type in this pack, along with ammo and shield pegs to track your payload and a range of new "Combat" and "Stowage" equipment tokens -- everything you need to upgrade a Core Space crew.

A Core Space Starter Set is required to use this expansion.


  • 2 Combat Dashboards
  • 2 Stowage Dashboards
  • 8 Dashboard Clips
  • 20 Ammo Pegs
  • 10 Shield Pegs
  • 1 Shield Counter
  • 5 Data/Fire Counters
  • 16 Equipment Tokens
  •  Rules Booklet

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