Core Space Get to the Shuttle Expansion

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Introducing the exciting "Get to the Shuttle!" mini-expansion for Core Space, where a brand-new piece of terrain and a thrilling mode of transport await your crew. With the shuttle, navigating treacherous situations becomes more manageable, providing a means of extraction or convenient travel between games. However, this invaluable asset comes at a price, and your crew will face challenging missions to secure and escape with it, testing their skills and determination.

The addition of the shuttle not only enhances gameplay but also expands the possibilities for your Core Space campaigns. It offers new strategies and options, allowing you to devise cunning plans and take advantage of the shuttle's capabilities to overcome challenges and seize opportunities.

Prepare for gripping moments of suspense and excitement as you plot your escape, knowing that success hinges on your ability to outwit, outmaneuver, and outlast your adversaries. Will your crew overcome the odds and emerge victorious, securing the shuttle and their survival, or will they face the harsh consequences of failure?

With the "Get to the Shuttle!" mini-expansion, Core Space reaches new heights of tension, offering thrilling missions that will push your crew to their limits. Brace yourself for a high-stakes adventure as you acquire, escape, and fight for survival with the shuttle as the ultimate prize. It's time to gather your crew, face the challenges ahead, and secure your place in the vast expanse of Core Space.


  • 1 Shuttle
  • 1 Cargo Crate
  • 1 Shuttle Equipment Token
  • 8 Damage Counters
  • Mission Briefing and Rules Booklet

Requires the Core Space Starter Set to play, or can simply be used as a terrain piece/vehicle.

Advanced Kit – assembly requires some basic modelling skills and some parts require glue.


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