Conquest Cloth Map of Alektria, the first continent of EÄ

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This meticulously crafted map represents the most comprehensive and detailed cartographic depiction of the continent of Alektria within the expansive world of EÄ. Stretching from the enigmatic Weaver Courts in the west to the venerable Old Dominion in the east, and from the frigid expanse of Mannheim in the north to the sun-soaked territories of the City States in the south, this map pack offers an unparalleled glimpse into the rich and diverse tapestry of EÄ's lands.

Designed with precision and care, this map provides a captivating and immersive experience for those eager to explore the vast world of EÄ. Every landmark, every city, and every geographic feature has been rendered with exquisite detail, allowing you to plan your campaigns, chart your journeys, and unravel the mysteries of this fantastical realm with unrivaled accuracy.

Crafted on durable cloth material, this map is not just a mere cartographic representation but a work of art in itself. It can be proudly hung on your wall, elegantly spread on a tabletop for strategic planning, or even used as a cozy small blanket to keep you warm during your adventures in the world of EÄ.

  • Map of Alektria, the first contintent of EÄ 90x120cm (35.5" x 48") on cloth, stitched outside for border strength
  • Material:  Cloth


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