Commando Characters Lord Lovat, Piper Bill Millin Brigadier Peter Young

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Lord Lovat was one of those characters that you couldn't make up. Tall, handsome and brave, he was born to be in command as he was in fact a Highland Laird. It was Lord Lovat who fought his way ashore on D-Day to cross the bridges held by the British Paras, carrying a rifle, accompanied by his trusty bagpiper Millin!

Millin has been banned from playing under fire by the English War Office, but Lovat claimed that clearly couldn't apply in this case as they were Scottish! Millin survived cold water and enemy bullets, causing dismay and surprise everywhere. Some believe the Germans didn't shoot at him, thinking he was clearly insane!

It seems Millin came ashore in a kilt but dumped him inland, so we included both leg variants for troowsers and full kilt.

Finally, there is the extraordinary loner Brigadier Peter Young. Among Britain’s most interesting and decorated soldiers was “The Brig” Legendary in the Commandos. His troupe was the only one to completely manage the Dieppe disaster. Charismatic and intelligent, he was quite the pirate, but his men would do anything to never let him down. We've portrayed him here with his trusty (borrowed) garand and cane. After the war he became a top historian and wrote a bestseller on war games!

Contains 3 metal miniatures

Models are supplied unassembled and unpainted


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