Combat Map Snow Plain 30X30

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Introducing the Combat Map Snow Plain 30X30, your indispensable tool for gripping tabletop battles set amidst the icy expanses and biting winds of a snow-covered wilderness. Despite its compact size, this map captures the stark beauty and unforgiving terrain of the frozen landscape with remarkable detail.

Navigate through snow-draped forests, icy cliffs, and frozen lakes as you lead your party through the treacherous winter landscape. Whether you're tracking elusive prey, seeking shelter from blizzard winds, or facing off against frosty adversaries, the Combat Map Snow Plain 30X30 sets the stage for thrilling adventures in the icy wilderness.

Craft strategic battle scenarios, from daring ambushes amidst snowdrifts to desperate skirmishes on icy ledges, using the unique terrain features of the map to your advantage. Seek cover behind frosted boulders, utilize frozen streams to outmaneuver your foes, and exploit the icy terrain to gain tactical superiority in combat.

With its durable construction and vivid artwork, the Combat Map Snow Plain 30X30 ensures that every battle feels immersive and intense, drawing you deeper into the world of your tabletop campaigns. So gather your allies, bundle up against the cold, and prepare to face the challenges of the frozen north with the Combat Map Snow Plain 30X30 as your guide.


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