Combat Map Dungeon 24X24

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Introducing the Combat Map Dungeon 24X24, your compact yet essential companion for immersive tabletop battles set within the sinister depths of ancient dungeons. Crafted from durable vinyl, this battle map provides the perfect canvas for mapping out your encounters with precision and detail.

With 1-inch squares, this map is perfectly suited for use with water-soluble markers, allowing you to sketch out every twist and turn of your dungeon environment with ease. Whether you're navigating treacherous traps, deciphering hidden puzzles, or facing off against monstrous adversaries, the Combat Map Dungeon 24X24 is the ideal tool for bringing your adventures to life.

Immerse yourself in the stone background of a dungeon floor, complete with intricate details and an ominous atmosphere. The grid is divided into squares of 1 inch for each side, providing a clear and convenient reference for movement and combat during your tabletop gaming sessions.

With its compact size and detailed design, the Combat Map Dungeon 24X24 is perfect for setting the scene and sketching out your favorite role-playing games. So gather your party, ready your weapons, and prepare to explore the dark and dangerous depths of the dungeon with the Combat Map Dungeon 24X24 as your guide.


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