Colour Shapers Brushes COMBO 0 and 2 - BLACK FIRM

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Silicone Brushes - Colour Shapers BLACK are excellent tools for modeling and adding incredible effects when modeling and designing with various putty, clay and Fimo masses. They are somewhere between a brush, a spatula, a modeling tool and your fingers. They are easy to clean, durable and do not absorb paint.

This is the firm version of the black silicone brushes. They are twice as hard as regular white brushes, but half as hard as the extra firm brushes.

The black silicone brushes are especially useful for sculpting precise shapes, creating sharp edges, and adding detailed effects. With their firm nature, they offer better control over the modeling material and allow for subtle nuances in the design.

Whether you're working with softer putty or shaping harder materials like clay and Fimo, these silicone brushes are versatile tools that will help you let your creativity run wild. They allow you to refine your techniques and achieve stunning results.

The black silicone brushes - Colour Shapers are indispensable tools for model makers, sculptors and artists. With their help, you can unleash the full potential of your materials and add amazing details and effects to your projects.

Discover the versatility of the black silicone brushes and let your creativity run wild. With their firm grip and precise tip, they give you the opportunity to take your work to a new level and achieve incredible results.


  • 5 different brushes with 5 different tips with 6 mm length by 3 mm width - SIZE #0
  • 5 different brushes with 5 different tips with 8 mm length by 5 mm width - SIZE #2

Total = 10 brushes combo

Each brush in the offered sizes have different uses depending on the putty we want to use. Nevertheless from Green Stuff World recommend to use White tip brushes for soft putties, and SIZE #2 for harder materials such as Green Stuff, Super Sculpey Firm among others. This is a question of taste and preferences, but at the end and as your sculpting skills get better you will finally end up having 1 set of each.


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