Colonial Militia Men

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America was a dangerous place to live in the 18th century, and communities felt real or imagined danger from Indian attacks or raids from France or Spain. The British Army in America was tiny, so much of the defense was traditionally handled by the militia. These were civil bodies staffed and led by the local good and good and armed with government muskets. Their performance varied widely, with some behaving very well on the field while others deserted under pressure or broke and ran. What they did was add manpower to both armies. Militias fought for the American side, but thousands also fought as loyalists for the Crown Forces. Militia seldom carried bayonets and therefore felt justified not to join forces with regulars.

The figures in this box wear either 18th-century civilian clothing or hunting shirts and trousers. A variety of headgear is included, which you can also use to create models ideal for use as French troops in the French Indian War of 1754-63.


  • 30 plastic figures of the Colonial Militia
  • 2-page background and building instructions


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