Colette Core Box

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Step into the world of mesmerizing performances and enchanting spectacle with this captivating set, embodying the charm and allure of the Performer keyword. These figures unite to create a force that combines showmanship and magical prowess on the tabletop.

Leading this ensemble is Colette Du Bois, a captivating figure who embodies the essence of the Performer keyword. Her presence on the battlefield is a testament to her ability to command the stage and weave magic into her performances.

Intricate Mechanical Doves complete the set, representing the mechanical wonders that enhance Colette's performances. With their abilities to mesmerize and distract, these doves provide both support and theatrical flair to your forces.

Cassandra Felton adds an extra layer of magical intrigue to the ensemble, complementing Colette's performances with her own unique abilities. Her role in mysticism and magical manipulation adds an element of enchantment and utility to your gameplay.

3 Showgirls, alluring performers round out the set, representing the heart of Colette's show. With their abilities to captivate and dazzle, these figures contribute both charm and strategic depth to your forces.

United under the Performer keyword, this ensemble captures the Arcanists' ability to command the stage and wield magic through captivating performances. Whether it's through showmanship, magical allure, or the synergy of the troupe, these figures embody the Performer's fascination with merging entertainment and arcane power. Embrace the power of enchanting performances, command with magical influence, and lead your Performer forces with unwavering determination as you guide this unique faction to victory.


  • Colette Du Bois
  • 3 Mechanical Doves
  • Cassandra Felton
  • 3 Showgirls


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