Codex Tyranids

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Codex Tyranids

The Tyranid hive fleets are ravenous xenohordes that come from beyond the galactic borders to devour all life. Everything about the Tyranids is organic, from their chitinous blades and parasitic weapons to the massive hive ships they carry through the stars. Like an endless swarm of insects, the individual warrior organisms have acquired a purpose through an overriding imperative governed by a vast and alien mind known as the hivemind.

This unfathomable and predatory metaconscious knows only one goal - it wants to eat. Its fleets are stripping world after world of all biomass, leaving nothing behind. Preceding them like a bow wave is the deafening psionic shroud known as the shadow at warp. He isolates new prey worlds and strikes terror among defenders before the invading swarms land. When the Tyranids attack, they do so in unimaginable numbers and with nightmarish bioweapons unleashed on their victims.

This in-depth book is a must for anyone rallying the hungry Tyranid forces. It contains the rules for deploying a Tyranid army, but also tons of background on the history of the Tyranids' relentless rampage across the galaxy, their combat adaptations through countless organic bioweapons, and the evolutionary differences between the tentacles of their many hive fleets.

In this 128-page hardcover book you will find:

  • A comprehensive chronicle of the vast, elusive swarms of the Tyranids and the many conflicts they have fought in since they were first discovered by the Empire. You will also find information about well-known hive fleets such as Leviathan, Behemoth and Kronos
  • Harrowingly detailed artwork depicting everything from the lowliest absorber to the fearsome hive tyrant in all their chitinous and fanged glory
  • All the rules for deploying a Tyranid army, including 41 datasheets on all shapes and colors of biomorphs and bioweapons, as well as rules for rare organisms, hive fleet customizations, adaptive physiologies, spore seeds, synaptic imperatives and the hivemind discipline
  • All the rules for consuming planets with your Hive Fleet in Crusade Campaigns, including agendas, combat traits, material requirements, and Crusade Relics
  • An 'Eavy Metal Miniatures Gallery full of beautifully painted Tyranid miniatures


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