Codex Supplement Dark Angels

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Prepare yourself to delve into the enigmatic world of the Dark Angels with the forthcoming release of their Codex Supplement. Serving as an indispensable companion for those who seek to command armies of the Unforgiven or their descendants, this tome encapsulates all the necessary data, detachments, and regulations essential for leading the sons of the Lion into battle.

Within its pages, you will uncover a glimpse into the clandestine machinations of the Dark Angels, shrouded in mystery and steeped in tradition. From the hallowed halls of The Rock to the farthest reaches of the Imperium, the secrets of this ancient chapter await your discovery.

Immerse yourself in the wealth of knowledge contained within, including detailed unit datasheets for sixteen unique formations, meticulously crafted detachments tailored to the strategies of the Unforgiven, and rules designed to enhance your tabletop prowess. Whether you seek to field a formidable Combat Patrol or lead a full-fledged crusade, the Codex Supplement provides the tools necessary to achieve victory.

Accompanied by breathtaking artwork, captivating miniature photography, and a comprehensive painting guide, this tome is not merely a rulebook but a journey into the heart of the Dark Angels' legend. Prepare to uncover the truth, to purge the heretic, and to stand unyielding against the mightiest foes in the galaxy, for the sons of the Lion are ever vigilant, ever relentless, and ever ready to assert their righteous Dominion.


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