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Immerse yourself in the frenzied world of the Orks with the latest 10th edition Codex, tailor-made to enhance your experience in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. This definitive guide is available in two versions, each designed to cater to different types of enthusiasts. The Regular Edition provides everything expected from a traditional Codex, including comprehensive rules, an insightful background into the savage society of the Orks, and practical painting guides to bring your miniatures to vibrant life. Additionally, each copy includes a unique code to seamlessly integrate with the Warhammer 40,000 app, enhancing your gameplay with digital convenience.

For the collectors and those who cherish rarity in their gaming library, the Collector's Edition stands apart. Produced in strictly limited numbers to maintain exclusivity, this version is not only a repository of knowledge but also a piece of artistry. It features unique artwork that captures the raw, untamed essence of Ork warfare, enriched with striking green foil accents that command attention on your shelf. The luxurious touch of a ribbon bookmark allows you to navigate through the chaos of Ork strategies and lore with elegance.

Beyond the aesthetics and presentation, the Codex is robust with content that will elevate your strategic gameplay. It includes 51 Datasheets covering a vast range of Ork units, from the cunning Grot to the formidable Warboss. The inclusion of six complete Detachments allows players to customize their forces with precision, offering varied and strategic choices for deployment. New Crusade tools are introduced, providing everything needed to launch a galaxy-shaking Waaagh!, expanding the scope of your campaigns. Additionally, the Codex features a Combat Patrol scenario named Morgrim’s Butchas, where a rowdy group of Beast Snagga Boyz brings chaos and disorder to your tabletop battles.

Whether you are a seasoned commander of Ork legions or a newcomer eager to dive into the chaos that is Ork warfare, the Codex: Orks (10th Edition) offers an unparalleled guide to dominating the galaxy in true Ork style. Choose your edition and prepare for a Waaagh! like no other, where strategy, mayhem, and art collide.


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