Codex Imperial Knights (English)

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The Imperial Knights march to war with strides that tremble the ground, towering over mortal soldiers and lesser machines. Each knight is a mighty destroyer, a walking killing machine on two legs with devastating firepower and melee armament. Bound to their noble pilots by the arcane Mechanicum Throne, the Knights move with a pace and grace that should be impossible for machines of their size, and guided by their code of chivalry, savage enemies of the Empire with thunderous blasts of flame everywhere out in the galaxy. Their glory is that of the golden age of mankind and none can withstand their titanic onslaught.

Houses of Knights raise great armies of these majestic war machines, from the swift Squire class to the relentless Dominus class, and wage war in the rich tradition of their ancestors. Some storied Houses can trace their legacies back to the rise of the Emperor, when the worlds suffered in an age of darkness held in check only by the heroic deeds of their ancestors. Other Imperial Knight pilots break with their noble houses and tread the path of the Freeblade - commanding their Knight for personal gain or joining a Freeblade Lance for glory across the galaxy.

This magnificent book is essential for Imperial Knights players and those wishing to utilize the services of a Knight in their Imperial armies. On these pages you'll find rules for playing an army of Imperial Knights - complete with Noble Houses, Chivalry Lore, and Oaths of the Code of Chivalry - as well as background detailing the structure and histories of the Knight Houses, from their ancient origins and legendary triumphs to the time-honoured traditions and the revered heraldry that every knight wears to war.

This 136-page hardcover book contains:

  • Extensive background on the Imperial Knights, their relationship to the factions of the Empire and the structure of their Great Houses
  • Splendid illustrations depicting the glory of these noble warriors and their titanic steeds, as well as the heraldry of the most notable houses
  • All the rules you need to play an Imperial Knights army, including the Freeblade Lance Major Army, and how to include a Knight in other Empire armies
  • Full rules for crusade campaigns and storytelling games where your knights embark on quests to become legends across the empire
  • An 'Eavy Metal Miniatures Gallery full of lovingly painted Imperial Knights miniatures


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