Codex Chaos Space Marines - engl.

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The latest release in the Warhammer 40,000 universe brings the fearsome Heretic Astartes back into the spotlight with an expansive new Codex, a vital resource for any Chaos Space Marine enthusiast. This 160-page book is a treasure trove for gamers, fully equipping the veteran legions of the Long War for the ongoing Era Indomitus.

It includes a comprehensive collection of rules, featuring eight unique Detachments and 48 datasheets, which together offer an unprecedented variety of gameplay options. Whether you’re inclined towards commanding an elite unit of malevolent Astartes, leading a swarm of frenzied cultists, or marshalling grotesque mobs of daemon-infused monstrosities, this Codex has everything to satisfy your strategic desires.

Adding depth to gameplay, the Codex also introduces extensive Crusade rules, which allow players to develop their forces in delightfully sinister ways. For those preferring quick engagements, the Combat Patrol rules for Zarkan’s Daemonkin provide fast-paced, thrilling skirmishes.

The Codex isn’t just a functional manual but a visual spectacle as well, featuring a gallery of exquisitely painted miniatures that could inspire any painter. Alongside the rich lore that deepens the dark narrative of Warhammer 40,000, the book includes a one-use code to access all the featured content digitally through Warhammer 40,000: The App.

This Codex is not merely a guide but an essential gateway to enhancing your tabletop experience, bringing the dark, chaotic forces of the Heretic Astartes to life in your battles.


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