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They are piloted by hateful fallen nobles linked to their titanic steeds via the arcane neural connections of their Throne Mechanicum. Most of these ferocious pilots hail from corrupt dread houses - courts of shame intent on dominating in the name of the Chaos Gods. Others fight as stray dreadblades, corrupting the galaxy as lonely paragons of torment. Where they once defended humanity as noble warriors of honor, Chaos Knights now spread death and despair wherever they march.

This comprehensive book is a must-read for those who play and collect the terrors known as Chaos Knights, as well as those who entice a Dreadblade Knight to serve in their Chaos armies. It includes all the rules to play a Chaos Knights army - including Dread Households, the Favor of the Dark Gods, and the terrifying powers of the Warp Storm - and includes an extensive lore section so you can learn all about the Corruption of the Ones -chivalrous households of knights, the nature of their hideous mechanical steeds and the devastating weapons they wield in battle.

In this 112-page hardback book you will find:

  • Detailed background on the Chaos Knights, the Iconoclast and Infernal Knight Houses and the insidious Dreadblades
  • Detailed artwork of the devastation wrought by these fallen nobles and their apocalyptic steeds, as well as the icons of their most feared houses
  • All the rules you need to play a Chaos Knights army, including 10 datasheets, unique upgrades and powers, and how to incorporate a Knight into other Chaos armies
  • Complete the rules for Crusade Campaigns and Narrative Games as your knights set the galaxy ablaze as they traverse the Eightfold Path to Damnation
  • An Eavy Metal miniatures display case filled with beautifully painted Chaos Knights miniatures


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