Codex Chaos Daemons

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This comprehensive book is a must-have for those who collect and play Chaos Demons, as well as anyone who summons demonic allies for their Chaos armies. It includes all the rules needed to play a Chaos Daemons army - so you can mix and match Ruinous Powers to suit your preferred playstyle, or focus on your favorite Dark Gods - along with eerie backstories detailing the otherworldly existence of demons describe , the endless Great Game, and war zones across the galaxy ravaged by incursions from hell.

In this 154-page hardcover book you will find:

  • Detailed background explaining the twisted nature of the Dark Gods and their minions, as well as their exploits and conquests at every Level
  •  Disturbing artworks that illustrate the sheer madness of the Warp and the bizarre creatures that call it home
  • All the rules you need to play as a Chaos Daemons army, including 56 datasheets, warp storm effects, unique rules for each god, a famous army for the Disciples of Be'lakor, and more
  • Rules for Crusade Campaigns and Narrative Games, allowing your army to play the eternal Great Game and prove which of the Chaos Gods is the mightiest of all
  • A photo exhibition of stunning Eavy Metal models to celebrate the dark majesty of chaos and inspire your own collection


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