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Dark clouds gather over a divided empire, and the multi-billion dollar Astra Militarum is the last line of defense against total chaos. This codex contains all the lore and rules you need to wield the Emperor's Hammer, which brings massive firepower to bear with ranks of human soldiers and armored vehicles.

This book is an essential guide for aspiring generals of the Astra Militarum. Within its pages you will find all the rules you need to play the Imperial Guard - including its many divisions and legendary regiments - as well as a lengthy Scroll of Honor and history of their duties and sacrifices, epic images conveying the incredible size of these armies, and much more.

In this 152-page hardcover book you will find:

  • Detailed background information highlighting the history, military practices and most famous regiments of the Astra Militarum
  • Stunning visuals that shed light on the bewildering variety and incredible size of the Imperial Guard's infinite armies
  • All the rules you need to play as an Astra Militarum army, including 51 datasheets for everything from Cadian assault troops on foot to the mighty Rogal Dorn main battle tank, as well as 18 different orders, customizable regimental doctrines, ace tank upgrades, stratagems and more
  • Rules for crusade campaigns and narrative games that allow you to go on frontline missions and earn official commendations
  • An 'Eavy Metal gallery of superbly painted Citadel miniatures depicting the many famous regiments of the Imperial Guard

With this book you will also receive a code to unlock the content of Codex: Astra Militarum in Warhammer 40.000 : The App.


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