Codex Aeldari englisch

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This 200-page hardcover book contains:

  • Extensive background on the Aeldari
    • from their rise and fall
    • the factions such as
      • Biel-Tan
      • Saim-Hann
      • Iyanden
      • Ulthwé
  • Sumptuous illustrations showcasing the many aspects of this once mighty and still formidable civilization, from fearsome Aspect warriors to solitary corsairs
  • All the rules you need to play as an Aeldari army, be it Ynnari, Harlequins, Corsairs or a mix, including 57 datasheets, from the war-forged Avatar of Khaine to the common Archer Guardsmen
  • Use all the rules, Asuryani, Harlequin and Ynnari forces in Crusade Games and Narrative Games, including agendas, battle traits, material requirements, Crusade Relics and unique campaign structures for each Aeldari faction
  • An 'Eavy Metal Miniatures Gallery featuring beautifully painted Aeldari miniatures


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