Coalition of Thenion Faction Box

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Amidst the shadows of obscurity, there lies a land shrouded in mystery, an enigma among the realms—Thenion. One of the two realms claimed by the Rin people, it stands as the stark contrast to the luminous Helrin. Here, prolonged exposure to a lightless existence has painted their skin ashen, and their spirits have woven themselves with mischievousness and individualism, driven by an insatiable thirst for fulfillment.

As the Age of Dusk's darkness encroached upon their homeland, a faction of the Rin people embarked on a quest for refuge and habitable lands. Within the embrace of the persistent night, battered by the unforgiving sea, and haunted by the abyss that roiled beneath, they clung to hope, finding solace in the fleeting glimmers of light that touched them once a day. Enduring what felt like an unending odyssey spanning over a decade, they finally caught sight of the ethereal moon on a particularly clear night. It was as if the moon herself guided their way, illuminating their path to an island's shores. There, beneath the earth's surface, they discovered a labyrinth of caverns aglow with purple and red light—a spectacle created by the crystals thriving within.

Venturing onto the cold and still-shrouded surface only during the moon's appearances, they celebrated Thea-Luna, the Moon goddess, and her seven patron gods. Their grandest festival marked the Lunar equinox, a testament to their devotion to the moon's celestial dance. Thus, they embraced the moniker of "Thenrin," becoming the Rin of the Moon.

These subterranean pioneers began to colonize the underworld, crafting intricate subterranean cities. Each city found itself under the stewardship of a matriarch, while within their depths, guilds vied for power and influence. Their ethical tapestry, woven with unconventionality, sets them apart from the world, but within their spirits burns a tempestuous fire inherited from the realm of Night. Passion, avidity, and fierce determination are their guiding stars, igniting every facet of their existence beneath the earth. Amid the under-cities' labyrinthine alleys, they revel in pleasures, merrymaking, and the clash of brawls, epitomizing their unique spirit. When the veil of frivolity parts, their mastery of skullduggery and cunning becomes evident. The Thenrin are sought after when subtlety and finesse are required—masters of delicate affairs.

A standing army is alien to their culture, yet the guilds rally to defend against external threats. Like their Helrin counterparts, the Thenrin are attuned to mana's pulse, yet their approach diverges. They harness mana latently, intertwining it with their physical essence, an enhancement more primal than the act of active spellcasting.

In the tapestry of Thenion's shadowed realm, the Rin of the Moon thrive, a society crafted in the crucible of darkness, adorned with the gems of enigma. Their existence dances along the precipice between light and obscurity, an echo of the moon's own ethereal journey, etching their enigmatic Saga into the annals of the world's lore.

The Coalition of Thenion faction starter contains:

  • Nightshade,
  • Thenrin Swashbuckler,
  • Rangers-Guild Hunter,
  • Night-Temple Priestess models,
  • and their respective profile cards.

Disclaimer: This is a faction starter set and is not the complete game.

Miniatures come unassembled and unpainted.


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