Classic Runic Glacier & white Dice Set

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Imagine a world where ancient battles once raged, hidden beneath layers of ice and snow. This is where our story begins. Deep within the frozen heart of a glacier, near our very own factory, lies a battlefield from a time long past. The ice covering this battlefield is unlike any other. It is so ancient, so petrified, that it will never melt, and it is said to be imbued with the power to aid you in your most daring adventures.

Legend has it that this glacier has preserved the essence of countless battles, and its ice bears witness to the struggles of heroes and warriors of old. But this is no ordinary ice – it's enchanted ice, frozen in time, waiting for the right moment to reveal its secrets.

Now, you might be skeptical of such a tale, and that's perfectly fine. For the real glacier, like the passage of time itself, can wait for aeons to find the right person. And these dice, carved from the heart of that ancient glacier, are patiently waiting for a faithful user like you.

Our Classic Runic Glacier & White Dice Set is not just a set of gaming dice; it's a piece of history, a slice of legend, and a source of inspiration for your tabletop adventures. Crafted with care and precision, each die features beautifully engraved runic symbols that speak to the mysteries of the past.


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