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Skaven Clanrats

Clan Councils are the main front-line units that make up the bulk of the Verminus Clans' armed forces, and are outnumbered only by the working-class scum and slaves in the Underdark. Individually they are poor warriors, undisciplined, cowardly and prone to power struggles, but when they gather in large numbers they become dangerously quick and vicious.

They are led by Clawleaders and supported by Bell-Ringers and Standard Bearers.

In battle they charge in seething hordes, drawing courage from sheer numbers and attempting to overwhelm their foes, biting, stinging, screeching, spraying the musk of fear and trampling their own fallen under their bloodied claws. This means inevitable death for many Clanrats, but for the Skaven it means fewer rivals and better looting rights. This frantic exertion causes the skaven's hyperactive metabolism to drive the clan rats into a ravenous hunger known as black hunger, a near-mindless state in which skaven must consume sufficient flesh or be gnawed from the inside out. In this way, the fallen of both sides become flesh for the clan councils after the battle.

Their weapons and armor are usually rusty and poorly maintained, like Rusty Spears, Rusty Blades, and rickety and sloppy Clanshields, and are often looted from the fallen or even their own comrades.

This kit contains enough parts to build 20 clan rats. You can customize them with 20 unique bodies and clan shields, and equip them with a choice of 20 Rusty Spears and 16 Rusty Blades.

This kit comes as 85 plastic components, and is supplied with 20 25mm round bases.


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