City States: Ipparchos

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In the realm of military strategy, the Ipparchos stands as a remarkable figure, possessing both the gift of command and formidable combat prowess. However, his nature is often deemed too aggressive to entrust with the overall command of an entire army. Instead, he is granted tactical authority over the swiftest and most elite units on the battlefield. In this role, his direct leadership and innate aggressiveness find their true expression, allowing him to shine in the crucible of warfare. This strategic decision also frees the Polemarch or Aristarch from the burden of overseeing the entire battlefield, enabling them to immerse themselves in the heat of combat. They focus on locking down enemy formations and creating the necessary space for their subordinate, the Ipparchos, to seize the initiative and deliver the decisive, killing blow.

A distinguished officer, the Ipparchos commands the cavalry forces of the City States' armies. His strategic acumen and mastery of mounted warfare allow him to deploy a significant contingent of Companion Cavalry with precision. These elite cavalry units become a vital and fast-moving component within any infantry formation. With the Ipparchos at the helm, they excel at flanking maneuvers and striking the enemy from the rear. His presence on the battlefield ensures that the City States' armies possess a crucial edge, combining speed, precision, and battlefield mobility to outmaneuver and outfox their adversaries.

Box Contents:

  • 1 Premium Resin Cavalry Miniature
  • 1 Base
  • 1 Command Card

Assembly required.


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